Episode 14: 1994 / by Rollie Agado

Spent three hours today recording a very special two part episode titled "1994" with Terrible Ted this afternoon.  1994 was arguably one of the best years in music in the 1990's, so we took to some to retrospectively revisit artists and albums that made impacts in our lives.

Ted is roughly 4 years than me and it was really interesting to hear how a number of albums were received while he was attending University of Michigan and I was able to weigh in on how they impacted me in High School.

A considerable amount of time was spent reviewing the playlist...   we originally had over 30 tracks and we worked that amount into a more manageable playlist of 18 songs that we've put together into two parts.

I hope you enjoy this as much as we did.  

Note: a recording error finally occurred...  I forgot to turn Ted's microphone on in the last segment of Side B.  I've decided to not edit the error out...  I think its fair to put this out warts and all.