Saw the show on the night that it aired, but I haven't had a chance to recap the show until this evening.   I can't stress how much I love the shows new format.

I ride and die with Camila 

It has completely turned the house upside down.  It's completely turned the Reality Fantasy League upside down!   The best team in our league just had 2 of her characters face off in the elimination challenge and of them (Frank) has been sent to the "Jungle" for a second consecutive week.

CLICK HERE for: Updated Scores and Rules

It almost makes sense to have weaker players on your roster because teams are going to continue sending the best players into the elimination to make it easier to complete the game.

I fucking LOVE this show.

Ballerz of the Week

Nany - 65 points
Nany, had a quality game and if she continues to perform well in the challenges, I think she has chance to lead the league in scoring.  She picked up 25 points for throwing a swing and slightly connecting on my Reality Fantasy Boo - Camila.  10 points for verbally fighting with CT and my Boo.  5 points for Crying... 5 points for kissing and 20 points for being drunk enough to start all the problems I described above.

Camila - 45 points
What's great about Camila is that we can always count on her having an emotional outburst like we saw in last weeks episode.  I can't believe that she didn't hook up with anyone after attending the Costume Party in a Catwoman costume.  Camila picked up 20 points for being wasted.  10 points for telling us that she's not on the show to make friends. 5 points for crying and another 10 points for verbally fighting with CT and Nany.  


AuthorRollie Agado

In 2011, I discovered a small band that by the name of Future Islands and listed their album On the Water as my favorite release of the year.

I had heard some rumors at the end of 2013 that their new album "Singles" would be something to keep an eye out for.   The album dropped a few weeks ago and it's been a staple of sorts in my listening rotation.

I fucking love this album cover

I managed to somehow get their upcoming Austin Show (Mohawk, April 23rd) confused with another show that I'm catching on the 22nd (Manchester Orchestra/Kevin Devine) and I passed up on getting tickets.

Fast forward a few weeks... they have a monstrous performance on Letterman and they killed it at Coachella last weekend.  They're now *the band* to catch live and I'm seriously considering paying 80 dollars on Stubhub to see them perform on Wednesday.

I spent a good part of my morning looking at #futureisland tags on Instagram and all I want to do right now is listen to this album between now and Wednesday and be in attendance for what I think will be one of the best shows of 2014.

But enough about the show on Wednesday, the thing that has surprised me most about the album Singles is how freakishly danceable it is.  That and the lead vocalist is so freakishly emotive that I can't have this album on in the background and not give it my full attention.  

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite albums of 2014.  Please seek it out!

Stand Out Tracks

Artists: Future Islands
Album: Singles
Producer: Chris Coady
Label: 4AD
Recorded: Dreamland Studios

I just watched a DVR recording on the 89/90 Detroit Piston (Bad Boys) basketball team...   doing so made me think of the Motor City so I've decided to pull out a favorite album by the White Stripes.

Of all the things the Motor City gave me...  the thing I least expected was to live in a City where the world had turned its fleeting attention to for nearly a year.

This isn't the first time that Detroit had the musical spotlight.  It is after all the birthplace of Motown, Punk and Techno...   Living there in the late nineties and early 2000's was incredibly rewarding tho'.   Especially when you stopped by a news stand and saw that NME had sent reporters to the Gold Dollar Bar to cover a band that routinely was playing shows around your city for nearly 2 years.

I wouldn't describe the exposure to the size that Seattle got... but it was big enough to make names out of bands like the Von Bondies.

Anyhoo...  De Stijl is hands down my favorite White Stripes record.   I think White Blood Cells is their finest moment, but I can't shake my affection for finding this little gem and having it all to myself well before the world caught up.

Stand out tracks

Artists: The White Stripes
Album: De Stijl
Producer: Jack White
Label: Sympathy for the Record Industry 
Recorded: Third Man Studios

The weather has taken a little bit of an unexpected turn today...  the skies are grey and puddles are abound, due to non-stop-drizzles.

This type of weather is pretty uncommon in San Antonio...  the sun is typically out and if it does happen to rain, it doesn't really do so for hours on end.   I kinda like it because it sorta fits the gloomy demeanor.  

It also allows me to reach into the stacks and pick out stuff that you can soundtrack appropriately.   I've settled on Built to Spill's - Ancient Melodies of the Future.

Known to many as the album that came out after Keep It Like a Secret.   Is it as good as Keep It Like a Secret?   In a word... no.  But you'd be hard pressed to really find any examples of an album that is.

I'm of the opinion however that this album is sorely under praised....  its kinda hard to talk about this band without mentioning Modest Mouse.   Modest Mouse had released Moon and Antarctica the year before and the two bands had released albums that seemed to counter punch one another - reaching incredible new nights.

I think this one didn't connect like previous Built to Spill albums.   It does however have the finest pairing of songs to close out any album that I have ever heard.

Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss & The Weather

Two songs that insist be played in that order.

Artists: Built to Spill
Album: Ancient Melodies of the Future
Producer: Phil Ek, Doug Martsch
Label: Up Records (Warner Bros.)
Recorded: Bear Creek, Avast! Recording Co, The Manhouse

Note:  The past 3 days have been freakishly hectic and I haven't had time to sit down and pen proper entries for albums I've listened to on April 18, 17, 16.   The weekend is looking pretty unforgiving - due largely in part to having family over for the extended weekend.

April 16

Work is mounting around me and my only escape is to fill my headphones with loud music to escape the non-stop-chatter around me.   I'm freakishly good in dealing with distractions and I owe a great deal of that to working in a newsroom for nearly a year.  An office place will never be as loud or as chaotic as a newsroom, so I can plug along with the best of them.

I'm however working against some of the toughest deadlines I have ever encountered in my professional career and I can almost feel the legs beneath me give in.   The tension is unbearable at times and selecting things to listen to during the work day is also very difficult.

I've elected to turn to Rage Against the Machines - Evil Empire for help.  An album that I always associate to my freshmen year in college.  The album had dropped right before I graduated high-school and I listened to it a lot over the summer before moving to Detroit.  In my opinion its the best album that the band had ever released.

The sound on the record feels a lot like I do on the inside...  a tightly wound spring that is ready to snap.   I vividly recall spending a lot of time pouring over Zack De La Rocha's lyrics over the summer of 96.  Every song on the record spoke to me in ways that I had never felt before.

Which has been something really difficult for me to still come to terms with because - my draw to RATM is the collective sound of the band.   A hybrid mix of funk and innovative/angular guitar work by Tom Morello.  

If you take the the vocal tracks away from "People of the Sun" and play it back as an instrumental track...  it has all the makings of a riot hymn.   

When I settled down long enough to hear the lyrics, I felt an energy inside that I have only experienced with the Clash, Fugazi and Black Flag.  Not an aggressive energy, but a genuine calling to become an activist and engage locally in some capacity.

I've been thinking a lot about my disconnect from RATM this afternoon. I recall internally being at odds with the band being on a major label and their creative output being suspiciously absent during 8 years while Bush was in office...  I've never quite buried that hatchet.  

It's dark now in Dachau and I'm screamin' from within
'Cause I'm still locked in tha doctrines of tha right
Enslaved by Dogma, ya talk about my birthright
Yet at every turn I'm runnin' into Hells gates
So I grip the cannon like Fanon and pass tha shells to my classmates

Year of the Boomerang, RATM

Stand out Tracks:

Artists: Rage Against the Machine
Album: Evil Empire
Producer: Brendan O'Brien
Label: Epic
Recorded: Cole Rehearsal Studios, Kiss Music Studios