I've been really bad about taking time to pen entries on this site...   Look for that to change in the coming days.  There's lots to discuss.

In the meantime, here's my favorite band covering T'Pau.

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When I attended my first every comic con in Detroit, roughly 10 years or so ago... I knew that I would make them a part of my life in some capacity.

When I moved to San Antonio, I was surprised by how many Cons the city has to offer.  One of our local cos-players was a gent by the name of Jonathan Vela.   Aquaman.

He passed away this week and in many ways it's kinda sad because he a staple of sorts.  While the news of his passing was quite a shock to me and others who knew and loved him.  The outpouring of good cheer wasn't.


Rest in Peace - Jonathan   -   this was taken at ArtSlam in 2012?   

Rest in Peace - Jonathan   -   this was taken at ArtSlam in 2012?   

AuthorRollie Agado

Wanted to take a little time to plug some rallies that are being thrown by me and friends around the states.

First and foremost... my club (Strangers S.C.) is throwing its third and last "Rally De Los Muertos" Rally this October.  We're calling it "Fin De Los Muertos".   Robert Vito, lent his design skills again and I'm of the opinion that he fucking killed it.

You can register by going to: rallydelosmuertos.com
We'll not only get to have drinks together, we'll likely be doing that shit in costume.

Riff Raff Scooter Club in Austin is throwing "The Dirty Rally" - September 26th thru 28th
I'll be in attendance, showing mad support for my homies and I'll also be catching Joyce Manor on the 27th.  It's going to be a great fucking weekend.  Registration: http://www.dirtyrally.com






OK.  I'm going to try and not get weepy over this one.  My scooter club mates in Detroit are throwing Motor City Shakedown 10 this weekend.  I'm kinda kicking myself for not getting on a plane tonight to be there for the weekend.  I've done some crazier shit tho'...   Anyhoo - I'll never forget the work that went into planning the first one.  To all my fellow Rovers - I love you madly.  Register: www.motorcityshakedown.com

Lastly...  my boy CLARK and the Columbus Cutters are going to do their goddam thing this September.   It's a passage of the Fall Season that I miss more than you can ever imagine.  I can't stress how amazing this Camping Rally is.   Registration: Scootaque.com


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so in this crazy dream I had the other night…
I found myself telling a story about how I used to moonlight as a locksmith on the weekend.

a.) I’ve never been a locksmith and I’ve never had an interest in picking locks for profit
b.) I genuinely have no idea how keys and locks work.  I know there’s pins and teeth involved tho’.

As i’m sharing the story, I begin to vividly dramatize the story and I’m sorta reliving the story.   I got called by a small print shop (they print shirts and what not) -  that is operated by a hoarder.  

Have you ever seen those hoarder shows?  I’ve never seen one, mainly because I got kinda grossed out by seeing a commercial for one and I heard in an interview that the one thing that all hoarders have in common - is that they all have large collection of sex toys.

Like the guy on A&E/Discovery/History - what ever channel its on…  he said that they have to edit this out of every show, but it’s always the thing that the production staff puts money on.  They all guess how long it’s going to take before they find the bag of dicks.

Anyhoo…  I show up and opening the door is easy.  What isn’t easy is getting to the people who are kinda trapped behind all the shit that has collapsed.

Some of it was t-shirts… the other stuff was the kinda stuff you would see in a super cluttered antique shop.

I started to feel crazy claustrophobia…

While I’m in this dream, tell the story about participating in a fictional rescue - i start to think about a nightmare that I’ve been trying to suppress for a while.

It was like inception…  I fell into a deeper dream.  I found myself in a familiar room with a small door above me.  I then had this panic… and I couldn’t wake up.  It was like deja vu…  i knew that the only way out was this little crawl space but if I crawled through it to get out I would be in a horror house of sorts that contained something very evil in it.

I began the process of crawling through the space and every step I took forward - propelled me deeper and deeper into the original nightmare that I’ve been trying to forget.

My anxiety went through the roof and I sorta broke out of it and woke up.   

When I did wake up - I had a few seconds where I couldn’t tell what was real and what wasn’t.   I had to really think if I ever crawled through an empty house. I had to really think if I ever did part time work as a locksmith…   I had to really think if I unleashed something evil once.

AuthorRollie Agado


Masters of Sex is back and I just got around to seeing the Season 2 debut episode...   After binge watching it a couple of months ago, I kinda settled into the episode not really thinking about the characters of the show and where the characters left off...

All in all, I thought the episode was pretty good.  The episode sorta set out a number of story lines that should make for a pretty interesting season.

Let me quickly say that I'm very stoked to see that Bill Masters has gained employment again and it looks like he will resume his "study" at a new hospital.   He went about doing this in a clumsy way, but it looks like he'll be bring Virginia into the fold in the next episode or so.

Virginia's character, in my opinion - is the most important character of the show...   this episode however did a great job of shifting the weight around.

Example:  Bill Masters, sorta seemed 2 dimensional to me.   He loves his work and he loves fucking Virginia.   He seem's to have gotten better at sex because of sleeping with Virginia - but he isn't exactly taking these lessons home to impress Mrs. Masters.  

I the debut episode, we got to see him lash out at his Ohio mother and pretty much run away with shitty father of the year award.

Which is saying a lot, given that Barton Scully, the older mentor who is seeking electro-shock therapy to cure his homosexual ways...  decided to attempt suicide at home when his 20 year old daughter came in for a visit.

I was pretty bored with the development of his character last year, but I've kinda come around full circle on him...

Virginia didn't seem to get a lot of love in my recap, but she did an amazing job of reprising her amazingness on this episode by doing some incredible supporting actress work throughout the episode.

Looking incredibly forward to season 2

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