so in this crazy dream I had the other night…
I found myself telling a story about how I used to moonlight as a locksmith on the weekend.

a.) I’ve never been a locksmith and I’ve never had an interest in picking locks for profit
b.) I genuinely have no idea how keys and locks work.  I know there’s pins and teeth involved tho’.

As i’m sharing the story, I begin to vividly dramatize the story and I’m sorta reliving the story.   I got called by a small print shop (they print shirts and what not) -  that is operated by a hoarder.  

Have you ever seen those hoarder shows?  I’ve never seen one, mainly because I got kinda grossed out by seeing a commercial for one and I heard in an interview that the one thing that all hoarders have in common - is that they all have large collection of sex toys.

Like the guy on A&E/Discovery/History - what ever channel its on…  he said that they have to edit this out of every show, but it’s always the thing that the production staff puts money on.  They all guess how long it’s going to take before they find the bag of dicks.

Anyhoo…  I show up and opening the door is easy.  What isn’t easy is getting to the people who are kinda trapped behind all the shit that has collapsed.

Some of it was t-shirts… the other stuff was the kinda stuff you would see in a super cluttered antique shop.

I started to feel crazy claustrophobia…

While I’m in this dream, tell the story about participating in a fictional rescue - i start to think about a nightmare that I’ve been trying to suppress for a while.

It was like inception…  I fell into a deeper dream.  I found myself in a familiar room with a small door above me.  I then had this panic… and I couldn’t wake up.  It was like deja vu…  i knew that the only way out was this little crawl space but if I crawled through it to get out I would be in a horror house of sorts that contained something very evil in it.

I began the process of crawling through the space and every step I took forward - propelled me deeper and deeper into the original nightmare that I’ve been trying to forget.

My anxiety went through the roof and I sorta broke out of it and woke up.   

When I did wake up - I had a few seconds where I couldn’t tell what was real and what wasn’t.   I had to really think if I ever crawled through an empty house. I had to really think if I ever did part time work as a locksmith…   I had to really think if I unleashed something evil once.

AuthorRollie Agado


Masters of Sex is back and I just got around to seeing the Season 2 debut episode...   After binge watching it a couple of months ago, I kinda settled into the episode not really thinking about the characters of the show and where the characters left off...

All in all, I thought the episode was pretty good.  The episode sorta set out a number of story lines that should make for a pretty interesting season.

Let me quickly say that I'm very stoked to see that Bill Masters has gained employment again and it looks like he will resume his "study" at a new hospital.   He went about doing this in a clumsy way, but it looks like he'll be bring Virginia into the fold in the next episode or so.

Virginia's character, in my opinion - is the most important character of the show...   this episode however did a great job of shifting the weight around.

Example:  Bill Masters, sorta seemed 2 dimensional to me.   He loves his work and he loves fucking Virginia.   He seem's to have gotten better at sex because of sleeping with Virginia - but he isn't exactly taking these lessons home to impress Mrs. Masters.  

I the debut episode, we got to see him lash out at his Ohio mother and pretty much run away with shitty father of the year award.

Which is saying a lot, given that Barton Scully, the older mentor who is seeking electro-shock therapy to cure his homosexual ways...  decided to attempt suicide at home when his 20 year old daughter came in for a visit.

I was pretty bored with the development of his character last year, but I've kinda come around full circle on him...

Virginia didn't seem to get a lot of love in my recap, but she did an amazing job of reprising her amazingness on this episode by doing some incredible supporting actress work throughout the episode.

Looking incredibly forward to season 2

AuthorRollie Agado

Citizens of Earth...

Hi there...

It's been a while huh?

I feel like I sorta owe you an explanation...   I kinda lost my mind a few weeks ago.   I entered the month of June, knowing that it would be impossible to continue my album a day journal and complete a work assignment that nearly sent me to a therapist.

I know I have a flair for being over dramatic...  but I'm seriously not fucking around.  My work assignment seriously sent me over the edge and I've been slowly cycling down the past two weeks as I ease back into a normalized work/life balance.

I want to quickly thank my family, mentors, friends and especially the people I reached out to in the past couple of weeks as I acclimate back to being "Rollie" again.

I've been thinking a lot about my new years resolution and the Album A Day Project I began earlier this year.   I feel compelled to catch up and see it through...  I mean - I knocked out 5 complete months of daily reviews.   I learned a lot about myself in the process and at the same time I learned that there's something very exhausting about constantly looking the next new thing to listen to.   The past 40 or so days have allowed me to revisit a number of records I've really enjoyed in 2014...   It was nice to not squeeze in 50 minutes to purposely listen to an album and then spend another 30 minutes thinking about what that record made me feel.

I've come to the realization that I really want to push myself to share stories and thoughts on this site... If they happen to touch on music/film/lit/life/love... so fucking be it.  I don't want to confine myself to a box anymore...

Maybe I'll write 2,000 words about a quote from a movie I saw the other night (Francis Ha) tomorrow....  Perhaps I'll vaguely pen 1,000 words about a certain someone that has my head and heart in a pretzel.

What I do know, is that I'm going to keep it 300 - here on out through 2014.   If you've enjoyed what I've scribbled thus far, I guess you're going to be in for a treat because from here on out - I'm going to approach this like Braid approached their latest album.  

No knock on music within.  I'm not really a fan of the sleeve work.

No Coast

What, you thought I wouldn't weigh in on my favorite band releasing their first album in 16 years this week? Are you fucking mental?   Did I pre-order the album a number of months ago?  YES.  Did I lose my shit when NPR made the album available online for streaming? YES.  Did I redeem my MP3 download from TopShelfRecords on midnight July 8th? THRICE YES.

Before I share my initial thoughts on the new Braid album...   I want you to understand that I have an irrational love for this band.  I vividly remember the first time I heard their music.  I've seen them numerous times live in my lifetime and I've seriously considered flying to a city in the near future to catch them perform on the first leg of the No Coast tour.

I'm in the tank for this band.   Possibly more so than any other band in my musical library.

A couple of years ago, the band put out 4 song EP entitled Closer to Closed - the release consisted of 3 new tracks and a cover.  It sorta provided a trajectory of where the band was heading as a collective group of friends (in their 30s) who above all enjoy recording and performing music together.

Roughly a year or so ago, Braid released 2 songs (which are on No Coast) on a split EP (entitled SPLIT) with Balance and Composure.  It took a number of listens... but I sorta cobbled the two releases and I came to grips with what Braid was going to sound like 16 years after Frame and Canvas.

When I listened to the opening track Bang - I kinda settled into setting my expectations for the record.  I've always championed Chris Broach songs over Nana ones so I was really stoked to hear him reins on the second track of the album - East End Hollows.

The album is freakishly balanced in that respect...  Nana and Broach are equally represented on this album.  The song No Coast (a play on Chicago being in the midwest and the band not wanting to coast through the recording of this album) - equally features the two trading vocal duties.  It's possibly the song I'm most excited to hear them perform live...  

I'm slowly starting to explore and get a lot more familiar with the later tracks of the album now.  Two stand out tracks: Put Some Wings On That Kid  and Life Crisis - are interesting and cryptic in way that only Nana can deliver.  In a recent interview Nana opened up about his documenting habit and recently meeting his real parents (he's an adoptee). 

All in all - I think the album is great. 10 of the 12 songs were new to me and my favorite band has released 15 new tracks over the past 3 years.  

If you get a chance to watch Killing A Camera (re-shot in 2004) you can begin to see that these guys never wanted to really break up.  This is the sound of 4 friends truly not compromising their friendships or artistic visions.

There's something nice about loving a band that isn't intending to break through in terms of fan base recognition.  They just continue to effect those who stop long enough to listen. 

AuthorRollie Agado

I didn't get much sleep last night.  I got in just before 3 am and everyone got back to the office before 11 am.

Calendar days continue to slip away and our conversion day continues to get closer and closer...  brought in a favorite album to listen to at the office.

This was the second Built to Spill album I ever purchased...  I had picked up Keep it Secret a couple of months earlier and I decided to check out some of their earlier stuff.

When I heard the song "Car" I was pretty convinced that this band could never do any wrong...  Doug's guitar work and lyrical compositions managed to win me over in record time.  

There's something about Built to Spill songs that bend and turn unexpectedly at times.  He finds ways to bend notes and words in ways that are unlike any other artists in my library.

If you've never heard this album, I can't stress how good it is.

Standout Tracks:

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Completing this entry a few days after starting the entry during my listen of Plague Vendor's - Free to Eat.

Been working some insane hours the past couple of days...  I could have selected one of 20 albums I listened to in its entirety today.  I got out of the office at some point Saturday morning 2ish AM after punching through a full day at the office.

I'm officially 14 days (as of June 1st) away from launching our ERP conversion.  The entries from this point forth are going to be very scattered.  I just noticed that my entry for May 28th didn't post from my work computer....   


Anyhoo..  I've been listening to this album for nearly a month now.  I haven't been able to arrive at a conclusion just yet on wether I like it or not.  By that I mean, should I add it to my collection of albums...

The album is good.  I would actually go out of my way to recommend it a number of my friends who especially listen to West Coast (California) Punk.   There's something however that I can't put my finger on...  something that is keeping me from wanting to plunk down my hard earned money on it and I can't seem to figure out what it is.

Standout Tracks:

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