Episode 15: Saludos de Seattle / by Rollie Agado

So I recorded a very drunken podcast the other night during my stay in Seattle.  

I originally was going to put together a playlist of Seattle/Washington based artists and simply title it "Sleepless in Seattle".

I ended up playing a playlist of songs that are performed by Female Singers/All Girl Bands...   

I was so drunk - that I could barely enter my 18 character password into the computer successfully so that I could record the show on my laptop.

I then had to drunkenly figure out how to record the show though my headset/microphone earbuds... and I nearly gave up on the process all together.

I vividly remember not even wanting to record it but something inside made me want to capture it in the event it may be something funny to share with friends on the down-low.

I'm listening to it for the very first time on my flight back to Texas.  I'm doing so to confirm that I didn't reveal something too personal that I don't want to have put out on the internet.   I'm also making sure I didn't say anything that I would deem really regrettable.

I really don't know why my voice sounds the way it does during the recording.  I don't really think to much about how I sound when I'm hammered, but I spent a good part of the day walking around Seattle.  I got really toasty at dinner and spent a good part of the early evening holding court telling really obnoxious stories...

My co-workers seemed to enjoy drunken Ro-Ro and hoped they could summon him again on Sunday, but I told them I don't let him out on the Sabbath.

If you're reading this entry - I've apparently given this podcast a green light to be on the net.