And so it begins... / by Rhiannon Bath

Tomorrow is the true beginning of "treatment", I am having my surgery to remove Rogue Nodes at 2pm. Also my cirque de soleil ovary suspension. The last couple of days have been a little weird... I've discovered that I fall into that weird 'middle class' where I make too much money to get any real help with my medical expenses/needs but not enough money to just straight up pay for all this stuff on my own. It's been pretty frustrating, I'm not really sure how much debt I will be in when this is all over but I figure I'll worry about that after my body isn't riddled with cancer that is trying to destory me. I'm not sure if that is the right approach but it's the one I'm taking. 

Also, found out today I won't be able to start radiation until 10/26 but the reason is a good one so I am ok with it. They want to make sure the radiation marks they made on my body are still accurate after they move my ovaries, obviously so they can try not to radiate them and spoil my eggs. They did give me 3 new tattoos, I now have permanent dots on my abdomen that will forever remind me about the time I told cancer to go suck a dick and fuck off. I mean leave me alone... Whatever, no I don't. I meant the first thing, I don't care how unlady like it is. 

I found out today that the people who work in the billing department in the hospital are money hungry vultures who couldn't give two shits if I live or die. I'm sincerly considering writing a book, loosely titled 'How I beat cancer : While the medical system was trying to Kill Me'. It sounds morbid but it's truly unbelievable. My nurse confirmed that they were basically using scare tactics and lies to try and get me to give them more money. They told me they wouldn't perform my surgery tomorrow if I didn't give them and exorbetant amount of money. They literally can't even do that, according to my nurse. Fuckers... 

Anywho... tomorrow. 2pm. I'm really hoping this will bring my pain level down significantly. Deep down I feel like it will but I try not to get my hopes up at this point.  

I may write tomorrow if I feel good. If not maybe Rollie will. If not just text one of us. 

As always, much love to you all! and #fuckcancer  


One of my new prison tats... #hardcore  

One of my new prison tats... #hardcore