Update - 10/13 / by Rhiannon Bath

Just a quick update before bed - I went and had my pre op tests done today for Friday. So far everything is still on track. The procedure is at 2pm, and should last about an hour. I'll let y'all know when I'm out and lucid. I also found out today that I am starting radiation on Monday 10/19 fo' sho. This is what I was hoping for so ::: thumbs up ::: to that. If everything stays on schedule this should allow me to finish all treatments before thanksgiving, woot! Needless to say I should have " what I'm thankful for this year" in the bag. Y'all better start working on some good ones, just saying. 

Overall everything is good. Just ready to really get this thing going so I can move on to wedding planning! LOL! 

Last thought, the further I get into this process the less faith I have in the medical system. It's literally so fucked. If myself, family, and friends weren't such passionate advocates for my health care and well being I would be INFINITELY further behind on my road to recovery. It's such a nightmare trying to get help. If you know anyone who is dealing with, or knows someone else who is dealing with something even 1/100th of the severity of this take time to let them know you are there and never give up. It's literally mind boggling the things you get told, the amount of time you have to wait, coordinating schedules, etc. More on this later. I could write about it for ages and it makes me SO ANGRY! 

As always, thanks for reading and checking up on me and let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Either here or privately. I love y'all!