Goodbye my node... / by Rhiannon Bath

The rogue node is gone (mostly). The smaller one was actually not an issue so they left it alone. The left one however, was very large and located beneath a vein and on top of a nerve. The location made it tricky for the Dr. to remove for fear of bleeding and potential paralysis of the leg. That being said, the Dr. removed as much of it as he felt comfortable doing and is confident the remaning cncerous part will be eradicated during radiation and chemotherapy. 

The surgeon was running late and my surgery did not start unil 5pm instead of 2, oh well, all's well that ends well I suppose. 

I'j in a lot of pain right now so I'm going to cut it short. More details tomorrow. Love y'all! 



just a little pre op potty break! 

just a little pre op potty break!