3 down... 22 to go / by Rhiannon Bath

Good morning team #fuckcancer! Today I finished day 3 of 25 of cancer treatment. I don't know if these things get time stamped but if they do, you may be wondering why I am saying 'good morning' at 7 o'clock at night. Radiation makes me sooooooo sleepy.... so so sleepy. Today, for example, I slept for 5 hours without even knowing it AT ALL! I think I slept the way children sleep when they are super tired. Like dead to the world, apocolypse could have happened and I wouldn't have known. I ended up feeling horrible about it because I scared Rollie while he was at work so bad he rushed home to make sure I was ok... 5 hours is a long time to be missing during the day. 

Other than that treatment has been ok... not exactly what I expected but manageable I suppose. The Dr. Dubya didn't really do a great job of describing treatment to me, or I'm just an abnormal person but it's been a bit surprising. I was led to believe that the first week wouldn't really feel different at all. Little to no symptoms or uncomfort. That's not quite true.  

Besides the tiredness, I have had a bit of food sensititivity. I tried to have a hot dog last night (not the best food, I know. However, a food I LOVE none the less). Two bites in, it made me throw up... This made me very sad... Like emotionally unstable sad. I started crying. Yes, I cried becuase I couldn't successfully eat a hot dog. A food that is horrible for you. 

Which leads me to my next set of weird side effects... smells. Smells make me feel sick, sometimes in my tummy, sometimes in my head... Like I want to cry again if I smell something weird.  

I've never been pregnant but from what I can gather, this is pretty similiar. Super tired, and everything I touch, smell, eat or see makes me want to throw up, cry, or both. So far this is awesome.....  

I'll have my first chemo session on Friday. I'm a little nervous about this. Again, they told me I shouldn't experience anything weird or uncomfortable the first time. However, today they had me pick up 2 presecriptions they called in for post chemo. They are 1. dexamethasone (cool, another thing with meth in the name. Great, not.) this is an anti-inflammatory drug that I take for 2 days post chemo and 2. Prochlorper, this is used to keep people from barfing all the time. Sounds like it's going to be a fun weekend y'all. 

All in all I am really trying to keep a positive outlook and mentality, but I won't lie. This week has been a bit of a struggle.  

Oh yea, I forgot to mention... you know that horrible pelvic and hip pain the cancer causes me to have? The pain that is supposed to get better around week 3 because the cancer is going away? Yea, they neglected to tell me (until Monday, post radiation day 1) that during week 1 this pain typically gets much worse because the cancer  'gets very angry' that you are trying to get rid of it. Yep, it's angry. All this info while also simultaneously telling me to make every attempt I can to take less ibuprofen, even though that is the only thing that helps, because it's not good for you to take alot of ibuprofen for so long. Thank you, I know. You know what else isn't good for you? Having fucking CANCER! 

So, that's it for week 1 so far. The good news is, I'm gonna make it. Someday really soon I will wake up and I won't have cancer anymore. And that day is gonna be really cool. Until then,