This week on... "Living with Cancer" / by Rhiannon Bath

This week was fairly uneventful. I suppose I should be thankful for weeks, or even days like that, so I am. The pain from the CO2 didn't fully go away until Monday, but it really took my focus off of any of the other pains. Now that everything has pretty much settled into normal I feel like I'm in a pretty good place physically, all things considered.

The only pain I'm having that just continues to piss me off in the most gratingly annoying way is the hip (it's like my own internal Kardashian family. Completely, mind numbingly painful and WILL NOT GO AWAY). The hip hurt pretty bad before surgery, worse than it does now, but I wasn't sure of the reason for the pain. Now that they have gone in and I know more about the situation with the rogue node, the way the pain in the hip is makes perfect sense. I think it also makes it more top of mind. It pretty much feels exactly like what it is: a 'hard as a rock' enlarged rogue node stuck between and pressing on a vein and a nerve in my hip. It's hard to manage with pain medication because it is basically a pinched nerve, it also makes the blood flow to that leg feel very restricted which is weird feeling more than painful. The silver lining I'm trying to put on this is that it should be a pretty clear indicator for when the radio/chemo starts to work. If it hurts less/feels less weird, I know it is getting smaller and going away right? Dr. Dubya (this is the new nickname I have made for the oncologist, Dr. Wilder. He will be known as this from now on) says it won't feel better until about week 3, I'm thinking week 2 because as we all know I am quite the overachiever when I want to be, and I want this one bad. 

The hardest thing about this week has been the lack of activity really. I had another radiation simulation on Wednesday to confirm that the prison tats they put on me where still correct post op. Side note: this was not their idea, it was mine. They basically had no idea what I was going into surgery for... awesome. Everything was fine so I am now FINALLY starting radiation on Monday. I feel like it has taken forever for this day to come. This is another thing that I am sure I would not have started had I not pro actively called and annoyed them into making appointments for me. It's got to be so hard for people who aren't that outspoken, or even people that are scared. I would imagine if you were scared you wouldn't really want to start so you would wait for their call? I believe that route would make this process take 6-8 months, basically twice as long.

That being said, I might be the most excited radiation patient they ever have. I feel like the first day of school is coming up and I'm gonna kill it. I had a really rough true first day of school back in '91 so maybe I can make up for it now. Like, I'll walk into radiation with my side pony, Simpsons backpack, Lisa Frank trapper keeper and just rock this bitch. I'm gonna ask the teacher... I mean nurse... all the right questions, and take notes, and make her laugh, and I'm gonna be her favorite student... I mean patient... ever! Whew, got a little out of hand there. Anywho, you catch my drift. 

Chemo starts on Friday the first week, but I don't know what day of the week it will be after that. I have to take this whole day off so I really don't mind it being on Fridays, lol. Lemonade out of lemons right?  

I think those are all the updates for now, gotta get back to this game. It's been a little rough. Yikes... OOOW, we just scored! Phew! #rolltideroll

Love Y'all! #fuckcancer