Drunk Ashley, Meet the Tom Twins and all things Week 10 of Reality Fantasy Real World Ex-Plosions / by Rollie Agado

10th episode of the Real World aired the other night and while I watched the episode and enjoyed it verily, it didn't really translate well to the point sheet.  The one thing it did do however was re-introduce drunk Ashley to the show and that was enough to terrify me.  I'm pretty sure she didn't have more than 8 minutes of screen time last night and she picked up 20 points without TRYING.

15 points for being drunk...  she's typically good for 25 drunken points, but she didn't get "Ashley WASTED" so I had to grade her down.  Before anyone complains to me about the point total, she's the one who set the bar so high.  Ashley then picked up another 5 points for kissing Jenny on the lips.  A kiss that i need to see again because I think Jenny went in for a cheek kiss and Ashley went in for a mouth smooch and somewhere in the middle when the decision has to be made (cheek or mouth) - it appears that Jenny changes to meet Ashley on the lips.

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No ballerz this week.