Episode 12 - Under the Influence / by Rollie Agado

Tony and I crudely trying to figure out Depeche Mode songs on guitar...

When I got my friend Tony Weakland to commit to recording a Late Night Conversations podcast, I was almost certain that we were going to do one that was strictly about Hip-Hop.

When I asked him for a suggested theme for the episode, he said he wanted to do one on "Influential Musical Artists"...   I didn't immediately know how to process that statement.  I assumed he was going to provide me with four Rap artists and I would have to adjust my selected tracks after seeing his list.

He provided me the following list of artists and songs:

  1. Lionel Richie - Dancing on the Ceiling 
  2. Red Sovine - It'll Come Back  (I had never heard of this guy or his music until today)
  3. Run DMC/Aerosmith - Walk this Way
  4. The Dead Kennedys - To Drunk to Fuck

My jaw dropped...  I couldn't really piece together how these songs weaved into his life and I didn't expect the soundscape to be so diverse.  All I knew was that I was really looking forward to talking about these songs and artists with him.

My list:

  1. Fats Domino - Going to the River
  2. Michael Jackson - Human Nature
  3. Guns n Roses - Its So Easy
  4. The Replacements - Left of the Dial
  5. Fugazi - Waiting Room

I can't thank Tony enough for being a part of the show.  We've agreed to do a Hip Hop episode in the very near future.