time flies when your having.... chemo? / by Rhiannon Bath

hello folks! long time, no write. My apologies, time has gotten away from me lately. Mostly because I'm exhausted all the time. Apparently chemoradiation will do that to a gal. Fortunately, I don't have much to write about. Today is my 3rd chemo treatment, of 4, Tuesday will be my last one (hopefully). I'm a little nervous about doing one today (Friday) and another so soon but I'm sure I'll do great. I always do, cuz I'm a boss like that. 

My last radiation treatment should be 12/1 followed by 3-5 "boosters" and 6 sessions (3 weeks) of internal radiation. As shitty as it sounds, this actually feels like it's going by so slowly. I don't think others share this opinion but when the :::surprise::: additional 3 weeks got tacked on, I feel like it's never going to end.  

I'm kinda struggling at stuff to write right now so I guess I'll try again later. I'm distracted by 7-11 Sriracha popcorn at the moment. So GOOD y'all, so. good. Having cancer often times makes me feel like what I imagine pregnancy to be like. Cravings is one of those symptoms...  

Love you all! #fuckcancer