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Kevin Drew - Darlings by Rollie Agado

Saw this album on the shelves last week and nearly picked it up because it's a solo effort from the founder of the Broken Social Scene...

I opted to not do this because I was actually hoping to find a copy of the new War On Drugs album...   In some ways - this album by Kevin Drew, can be compared to the new War on Drugs album.  Both albums chart similar personal territories thru their lyrics and the music in some respects sorta visit similar sonic terrains.

This album however falls a little short of what War on Drugs put out...   but it's still got a few good tracks nonetheless.

It sorta hit a spot for me this evening as I attempted to wrap up some work well into the evening...   I'm now currently typing this entry from bed and I'm struggling to keep my eyes open because the album is freakishly soothing to hear.

Highly recommended to those who love Broken Social Scene.

Stand out Tracks:

Artists: Kevin Drew
Album: Darlings
Producer: Dave Hamelin, Graham Lessard, Kevin Drew
Label: Arts & Crafts
Recorded: Baniff Center for the Arts, The Barthouse, Giant Studios

Broken Social Scene - You Forgot it In People by Rollie Agado

Sun is out in San Antonio and it's absolutely picturesque outside...   got to sleep in so rewarded myself with a rewarding listen in the morning.

Broken Social Scene's - You Forgot it In People is one of my favorite albums from the early 2000's.  It was a record that paired nicely to being in your mid 20's.  I recall seeing them share a bill with the band Metric and that made the night especially perfect because I saw Broken Social Scene perform as a complete ensemble.

Must say... I never cared for the LP artwork.  I always liked the CD packaging a lot more.  I'm undoubtedly in the minority.

Stand out tracks:

Artist: Broken Social Scene
Album: You Forgot it In People
Producer: David Newfeld
Label: Arts and Crafts
Recorded: Stars and Suns