Broken Social Scene - You Forgot it In People / by Rollie Agado

Sun is out in San Antonio and it's absolutely picturesque outside...   got to sleep in so rewarded myself with a rewarding listen in the morning.

Broken Social Scene's - You Forgot it In People is one of my favorite albums from the early 2000's.  It was a record that paired nicely to being in your mid 20's.  I recall seeing them share a bill with the band Metric and that made the night especially perfect because I saw Broken Social Scene perform as a complete ensemble.

Must say... I never cared for the LP artwork.  I always liked the CD packaging a lot more.  I'm undoubtedly in the minority.

Stand out tracks:

Artist: Broken Social Scene
Album: You Forgot it In People
Producer: David Newfeld
Label: Arts and Crafts
Recorded: Stars and Suns