Let the Reign of Team Joker Begin : The Challenge | Rivals 2 / by Rollie Agado

Due to a rather unforgiving workload last week, I didn’t get around to posting an update on my Reality Fantasy League…   The episode was top shelf and we’ve determined who the finalists are for the Mens Teams.

Team Joker : 55 Total Points
Team Ro Ro : 45 Total Points 

Team Joker has a commanding lead with 900 Total Points with my Team pulling together 770 Total Points…

Top 5 Ballerz

Wes - 40 points
10 points - Winning challenge 
5 points - Verbal with Bananas 
25 points - JT said he KILLED it…

Wes had one of the best outbursts this season by revealing that he has 30 companies, a Ferrari, a Porch and a Monster Truck.  

Baller y’all.

He still a throbby prick in my eyes and look forward to him shitting the bed in the final.

CT - 35 Points
5 Points - Verbal with Johnny B.
5 Points - Kissing Diem
10 Points Winning Challenge
- 10 Points - Wearing Knight Shirt to the Jungle
25 points for “KILLING IT

CT is pound for pound the finest Reality Fantasy Player… He currently leads my Stat Sheet with total points : 165  and his Average of 18.33 points is nearly 3 points above 2nd place : Jordan.

Johnny B. - 20 points
10 points - Throwing Up
10 points - 2 verbal fights - CT & Wes

Johnny had a rough week… his perceived invincibility in the Challenge may be in question.  I think both he and Frank have the internal resolve to win the Final, but they may not have the hunger that Team Marlon and Jordan have.   

Paula Wallnuts - 15
5 points - unintentional nudity - blurcle on her rear burger… 
10 points - winning a challenge

A little surprised to see Paula in the top 5…  she’s benefited from having a good partner all season, I hope to see her and Emily in the Jungle before going into the Finals tho’.

Emily, Jordan, Marlon - 10 points
10 points for winning challenge (Emily)
10 points for winning elimination challenge (Jordan/Marlon)