I'm Liquid Sex & Episode 8 of the Newsroom : Election Night Part 1 / by Rollie Agado

After a taking a week off in observance of Labor Day, the Newsroom was back last night to start its 2 part Season (maybe Series?) Finale.

The episode centered largely around the Newsroom preparing for election night.  An election that I recall being called remarkably early by FOX news in 2012… so I’m curious to see what comes of episode 2.

Speaking of FOX news election coverage… found it a little amusing to see the Newsroom take time to visit the Polling Nerd people.  FOX news did something similar when votes in Ohio didn’t come thru for Karl Rove.

But I digress…  this episode had a number of chuckle moments.  I think Rebecca started things off right by wearing a tight little number, showcasing her assets and proclaiming that she was “Liquid Sex”.

A first of sorts… I’ve never heard anyone ever say that and I walk around all the time laying claim on all sorts of Sexy.   

Charlie, Mac and Will are still trying to resign/get fired…  I think they may possibly get their wish.