"Beast Mode" AKA, News night with Will McAvoy : Episode 5 / by Rollie Agado


One of the things that delights me about the show - the Newsroom, is that we get to see Jeff Daniels portray a news anchor who can be described as equal parts genius & prick.

I don’t know what its like to conduct a live news broadcast and have people in your ear all fucking night…  but tonights episode allowed us to see just that.

I think this was the Jeff Daniels Emmy episode…  we got a glimpse of what its like to be on the uneven terrain of Live Television.

Did I mention that his Father suspiciously called right before he went on the air?  Shit went down in Syria / He handled a twitter beef in between news segments / Explained to ACN viewers at home how Gas Prices work / Managed not to loose his shit on a lady who proclaimed the “death of White America” / Fit in Treyvon Martin 911 clips and completed the last 18 minutes of the SHOW after he confirmed that his father died.


Other things that I found of interest.

1.) Revenge Porn - Did you know that there’s Revenge Porn websites out there?  I mean… I guess I knew that the net would be the most ideal place for said porn, I just didn’t know that there was a site called “RevengePorn.com”.  There isn’t by the way…  I did however find a place called MyEx.com.   It totally has photos of both guys and girls on it.  It even allows you to do a search of people by name and state.  I naturally typed my name in and confirmed that I wasn’t on said site.

One of my favorite entries on an ex girlfriend read “Gives OK head. That’s about it”…  ouch.  For what it’s worth… you’re pretty fucking ace in my book.  He could have said that your blowie technique was like sticking his dick in a warm glass of water.

I’ve actually said that about a person once.  Horrific blowie.  Regrettable for all parties involved. 

2.) Shit Heads -  Don asked Sloan, how she couldn’t tell that the guy who put naked photos of her online wasn’t a shit-head until that happened?  She insisted that she can’t tell until they do a shit head thing.  He insisted that shit heads of this magnitude should give off a whiff of shit head before these things happen.

A.) This is true.  I am that shit head.   B.) Don, go fuck yourself - you’re that shit head too.

3.) Maggie Jordan’s Hair - Didn’t she chop it to shit in the last episode?

4.) Put on Blast for Drinking - I’ve been that person whose been called out for drinking too much.  The conversation between Maggie and Jim nearly drove me to fucking drink.  

I’ve been in the circumstance of having to be under a roof with a person you don’t want to live with… and you slowly just drink your thought process down to the point where you can go to sleep at night.

Is it bad for you?  Yes…  and you have to get up and pee while you sleep.  But, she’ll be ok once she gets shitty apartment in Queens.