The Return of Breaking Bad : Tread Lightly / by Rollie Agado

Can we all agree that tonight’s episode really paid off in the last 6 minutes, where Hank and Walk traded stares, blows and insinuations?

There were a number of other important things that happened… 

1.) Future Flash Walt is back in town with his Life During Wartime - “Loaded With Weapons” - Oldsmobile 88 and he broke into his sized property to pick up some ricin he keeps in the back of an electrical outlet plate.

2.) Skyler White - seems to be ok with Walt both working at the carwash and sleeping in the same bed with her…  when this series is over, I really want to take some time and examine this marriage.  They’ve been through hell and back and they’re making it work y’all.

3.) Jessie’s lost his shit again…  I know that people love him as a character, but if he were to expire in the next two episodes - I really could give a fuck.  Big ups to him taking a sack of money and playing baller-paper-boy and hooking up the Albuquerque barrios with some surprise money.  Suspiciously enough… all the barrios I’ve ever been to never go to sleep.  Not one fucking Mexican grilling some shit outside?

All of that however is shit compared to what transpired in the last 6 minutes of the show.

It’s simply the sweet return of riveting television.