Weezer - Weezer (Blue Album) / by Rollie Agado

Today's album of the day was inspired by the opening lyrics to In the Garage by Weezer.

I've got a Dungeon Master's Guide
I've got a 12-sided die

I spent a good part of my Saturday at Chimaeracon a gaming convention where people get together play board/miniature/role playing games for an entire weekend.

But enough about that...  Weezer in many ways was the perfect bridge band between high school and college.  I slowly transitioned fro listening to a lot of Metal/Grunge to exploring Punk/Post Punk and contemporary college rock between ages 15 to 22.  Weezer is the perfect gateway band for said projection.  

The songs on this album are perfectly crafted for anyone age 15 to mid 20's.  There's an unapologetic awkwardness to every song that helps you figure out heartbreak and growing out of adolescent interests be it - Dungeons and Dragons or KISS.  

The other thing I love about this album is the heavy hand that producer Ric Ocasek (the Cars) had on the sound of the album.  The band would later go on to grow and develop another sound, but his oversight undoubtedly helped shape the sound that everyone recognizes as "the Blue Album".

Stand out tracks:

Artists: Weezer
Album: Weezer (Blue Album)
Producer: Ric Ocasek
Label: DGC
Recorded: Electric Lady Studios