Carlos Vives - Clasicos de la Provincia / by Rollie Agado

Today's album of the day is a special one because it happens to also be my fathers birthday.  In my lifetime, my father has introduced me to only 2 musical artists.

1.) Marty Robbins - a greatest hits cassette, that has led me to have an irrational fear of anything named Feleena.

2.) Carlos Vives - a Columbian artist who gained notoriety for putting out an album of traditional vallentano (Columbian folk) songs.

I don't exactly know how my father heard about this album...  he used to listen to political talk exclusively on his car radio and he rarely watched anything on TV that would have exposed him to Carlos Vives.  He discovered it nonetheless and I can't thank him enough for it.

I think my favorite track on the album is one called "Compa'e Chipuco".  Mainly because my father always has a story that involves a story where he asks a person "Compa, como te llamas?"  

Stand out tracks:

Artists: Carlos Vives
Album: Clasicos de la Provincia
Producer: ?
Label: Phillips
Recorded: ?