Tour Diary, Day 4 & 5 : Alamo City Leg / by Rollie Agado

The apartment is eerily quiet right now…   the only sounds that can currently be heard are coming from the dishwasher and my dryer.

My parents are currently out with my sister - having a “make up” day of sorts after having a blow out on Friday/Saturday…   Reasons for the (their) bickering is pretty silly but I’m of the opinion that the root cause of it all is my bi-polar sister.

A comment that would likely land me in some hot water with both her and my parents but luckily for me none of them read this blog.

As for the weekend…  I did my best to host my parents who sorta wished they had never left the valley.  Made the most of it tho’ by taking my mom to the Farmers Market on Saturday and then proceeded to eat a variety of goodies around town.

One of the highlights was getting cupcakes at Gigi’s on the northside of town and then sharing a few dishes over at Nosh for a late lunch.

My parents are due over at the house any moment now…  need to finish cleaning up the apartment before their arrival.