Rick Johnson

Cheap Girls - My Roaring 20's by Rollie Agado

A couple of years after moving to San Antonio, I made quick friends with a person with a person who wrote for a blog called Sound As Language.   The music blog isn't updated anymore, but I discovered a number of bands through the website, including a band called "Cheap Girls".

Saw them for the first time live a few years ago, when they opened up for the Front Bottoms in San Antonio... and saw them again this evening.  They just opened up for Against Me! and in my opinion they were possibly the highlight of my night.

Learned that My Roaring 20's may possibly be an album that lead singer Ian Graham hates to perform songs from live.   Which bummed me out because it happens to be my favorite album that they've ever put out.

Stand out tracks:

Artists: Cheap Girls
Album: My Roaring 20's
Producer: Rick Johnson, Cheap Girls
Label: Asian Man Records
Recorded: ?