It's True. Pitchers go out for Sammiches between Pitches & Episode 7 : Red III / by Rollie Agado


This may have been my all time favorite episode of the Newsroom…  the show rarely strayed away from the process of reporting and it showcased that this show can be compelling without having to focus on relationships within the work space.

Couple of quick things that i found compelling…

1.) Deep Throat sprung from the shadows of the garage parking lot and stuck a knife into the chest of Charlie!  A week ago, I frowned publicly and worried that the show would lazily fold over Jerry’s cooked story.  Instead, we learned that Charlie’s source waited for the perfect time to get Charlie back for the death of his son.  

That lovely manifest that Charlie has been clutching for the past three weeks, contains a hidden message “fuck you Charlie!” when held up against a light for 20 seconds.



He also tells Charlie that he thought about having him killed and slapped the shit out of him.  I hope we get to see more of this guy in the future.  

2.) No joke, the newsroom couldn’t handle Neal’s “Ultra Man mode”.  Am I alone in liking what they’re doing with Neal this season?  He’s gleefully become the editor of ACN Twitter / Delegator of Overnight Book / Slayer of Ladies on Manhattan.

Play on Player.


3.) Want to quickly co-sign this quote from Sloan tonight.


It took a while, but we’ve finally reached “current state” on the Newsroom.  The last two episodes will revolve around the election…  We’ve learned that resignations from Charlie, Will and Mac won’t be accepted.  Which sorta puts the show at a crossroads for me.

When season 2 of the Newsroom began… I voiced a concern that ACN (this newsroom) is frustratingly right on every fucking story that surfaces.  They piece together the thought that Benghazi was an orchestrated in ONE afternoon… but they opted to not run the story at the top of the hour because of the Genoa retraction.

That and they were butt hurt about not trusting their sources… even though they had it all along.  Fuck you ACN Newsroom team.  No one has it that easy.

The biggest joy I’ve had all season was seeing this newsroom confronted with the fact that they’re not infallible.

There’s a chance however that nothing will come of it.  What are we to make of that?