10 Tracks - Spanning the career of Pearl Jam / by Rollie Agado

In observance of PJ’s 10th studio album, I’ve put together quick playlist of favorite tracks from each of their respective albums….

1.) Sometimes - NO CODE:  I’ll never forget the first time I heard this album…  I was a freshmen in college and my g/f at the time stopped by a local record store while I was in class and picked this up for me as a little gift.  When I think of all the Side 1 / Track 1’s that Pearl Jam has put out - this one sorta sticks out like a sore thumb.  There’s a lot going on “sonically” in the track, but it really sets the tone correctly for the adventure that is No Code.

2.) Grievance - BINAURAL: I don’t know why, but I’ve always felt a connection between the tracks : Corduroy / Grievance / Green Disease - one may lazily say they sound similar but I can’t shake the feeling that there may be something more there…   I’m undoubtedly wrong about this observation tho’.

3.) Unthought Known - BACKSPACER:  If I were ever given an opportunity to work with PJ in a studio or possibly be allowed to remix a track - it would be Unthought Known.  There are parts in this song that swell and crash but not at appropriate maximums.  I find it hard to not think about the song - Marker in the Sand - when I hear this song and vice versa…  I think this is the high water mark of Backspacer.

4.) Leash - Vs.:  If you asked any of my friends what song off of VS I would most likely select for sampling - they would all tell you - W.M.A. -  this track however captures the sound of Vs. better than W.M.A. tho’…

5.) Immortality - VITALOGY: This song instantly transports me to the Summer of 1996… I spent a few months living in Chicago and this was one of the few albums I had on me during that residency.  I would listen to this song over and over - because it seem to fill the room nicely though some shitty CD player my uncle had at his apartment.  The afternoon daylight and shadows in the room seem to fit that time and space in my life perfectly.  There’s a live version where the lyrics are completely different and I love that version… if you happen to read this and know what I’m talking about - let me know!

6.) Green Disease - RIOT ACT:  I selected this track because there’s parts that remind me of the Clash.  

7.) Marker in the Sand - PEARL JAM: This may be my favorite PJ course in their entire catalogue.

8.) Faithful - YIELD: I can’t believe how much YIELD has grown on me over the years…  Low Light was a close second.

9.) Pendulum - LIGHTNING BOLT: This is hands down my favorite track on LB. I learned today that it’s an outtake from Backspacer…  go figure.

10.) Black - TEN: … 

Source: http://open.spotify.com/user/september29th...