Benji Hughes - A Love Extreme / by Rollie Agado

Ever discover an album completely by accident?

I was up unusually late the other night and I ran across an interview that Marc Maron conducted with Chuck Klosterman.  

Chuck recently put out a new book so I thought he was doing a press junket of some kind… until the conversation took a strange turn and they started to talk about the Death of Michael Jackson.

It then occurred to me that the interview was from several years ago… 

The conversation then turned into the current state of music and Chuck name dropped an artistI hadn’t heard of before: Benji Hughes. He then said that Benji dropped a debut double album by the name of A LOVE EXTREME…

Double albums are incredibly rare these days and I’m struggling to think of the last contemporary artist to do so with a debut album.

Don’t believe me?

Exhibit A: Chicago Transit Authority (Chicago) dropped a debut double album… then followed it with 3 other double albums.  The artistic merit here is debatable…

But I digress… 

I found it hard to believe that any contemporary artist would get the OK to record and release a double album.

I immediately had to find it and give it a listen.  

A Love Extreme is one of the most rewarding listens I’ve had in 2013…  It’s quickly rising in the ranks of my all-time favorite summer records.

If you’re a fan of Wilco /The Flaming Lips / Eels / Beck - make it a point to add this to your listen pile

EDIT: A friend asked if LCD Soundsystem had a debut double album…  which is partially true. 

The 2nd disc was a compilation singles they had released before their self titled release.