After 68 games, it's all about how the Spurs & Warriors / by Rollie Agado

Spurs improved their 2015/2016 home win record to 33-0 last night and the city of San Antonio is a buzz about the Golden State Warriors game on Saturday night.

I'm reserving my excitement until I actually see starting lineups on the court.   I wouldn't be surprised if Steve Kerr elected to sit his starting line up to spite Coach Pop...  in turn I too wouldn't be surprised if the Spurs elected to sit key players on Saturday night.

Home winning streak records mean nothing in the playoffs.  The Spurs have a firm grasp on 2nd place in the West and if they were to start today - they would match up nicely against the Houston Rockets.

If both teams agree to play full tilt tomorrow night, the game may provide better insights on how close the two teams will play in June.  I don't expect the Spurs to win on Saturday night... but I don't expect them to lose by 32 either.

I believe the key to the game is getting the Warriors into foul trouble and controlling the tempo of the game.  The Spurs will have trouble with fast paced transitions and they will also have a hard time exchanging efficient 2 point plays against high percentage 3's from Golden State.