Pixies - Doolittle / by Rollie Agado

Full admission...  it took a really long time before I came around on the Pixies.   Their influence was inescapable in the 90's and I turned my back on them simply because everyone loved them.


It wasn't until I was dating Kathy nearly a decade ago that I began to really appreciate them. She purchased Surfer Rosa and Doolittle for me on CD for my 28th birthday and it didn't take long for me to realize that they were an incredible band.

Doolittle is my favorite release by the band...  I truly enjoy every track on the album, but there's songs like Hey on the second half of this record that are simply life altering.  

Wave of Mutilation - is another life altering track.  If you haven't listened to this album in a while, I highly recommend you dig it out and give it a spin.   I recently purchased it on Vinyl after discovering that my copy got lifted/borrowed and never returned.   It's one of three albums I hope to replace in the near future.

Stand out tracks: 

Artists: Pixies
Album: Doolittle
Producer: Gil Norton
Label: 4AD
Recorded: Downtown Recorders, Carriage House Studios