#12 Album of 2014, COPE by Manchester Orchestra / by Rollie Agado

My love for all things Bad Books and Kevin Devine are well documented on this blog...  one part of the Bad Books is composed of members that perform in a band called Manchester Orchestra.

I listened to a number of tracks off of Cope in advance of the album coming out and I wasn't quite sure what to make of it really... 

The album sorta drips with a specific sound.  A loud, crunchy, guitar power chord buffet that reminded me of Jimmy Eat World's BLEED AMERICAN...

It wasn't until I caught them live that I realized this album and more importantly the sound within is more like a very focused Built to Spill record.   I've listened to this album a number of different ways... at home on my turntable, in my car while driving, live in concert and mainly on headphones.

The album kinda captured a specific window of time for me in early 2014 and I think that's why I look back on it so fondly.  The band later went on to re-record this album in an acoustic setting and released it as HOPE.

That release felt a little self indulgent... despite having beautiful re-arrangements.  If I re-numbered my top 20 this afternoon, I think this would have slipped a number of slots.

Recommended tracks: