The Afghan Whigs - Gentleman / by Rollie Agado

Have you ever spent any considerable amount of time determining how many albums on your shelf specifically address the subject of love or being in relationships?

I'd say the majority of mine are about missing out on love or having your fucking heart stabbed and returned on a platter by a woman... 

A slim amount of my albums are penned by women and a smaller amount of those records are penned by someone who solely lays blame on my gender.

Gentlemen by the Afghan Whigs is pretty much the example of someone recording how fucking awful men can be.  It's one track after another about how fucking selfish we are and why we're ultimately the most dangerous thing on this planet.

Artist: The Afghan Whigs
Album: Gentelman
Producer: Greg Dulli 
Label: Elektra Records
Recorded: Ardent Studios (If I Were Going - was recorded at Ultrasuede)