#5 Album of 2013: Lost In Light Rotation, Tullycraft / by Rollie Agado


One of the things that I really dislike about myself is that I go about most days really fucking angry.  I don't exactly know why I run hot...  but I often find myself exhausted from having to go about the day having to connect with people and things that let me down continuously. 

An album that helped me take the edge off immensely was Tullycrafts - Lost in Light Rotation.

The energetic-jangly-strumming chord progressions on Agincourt (opening track) maps the anxiety I feel within daily. 

When I wasn't  jumping in place and listening to the record... I found myself curled up in a little ball - deciphering the lyrics to songs like : Queenie Co.

I love my music and I'm tired of my fake friends 
I've watched the Sun come up in Memphis and I can't pretend 
I've tripped n' fell and fell in love with the perfect sound
I took the stabs of no regret to turn me back around 

When I wasn't deciphering the lyrics...  I sat back in utter amazement as Tullycraft romanticized and waxed on Love and the Ramones.

The finest moment on the album is the song No Tic, All Tac.

I love this song so fucking much that I'm seriously thinking about making a FAN Video for it and getting permission from the band to release properly.

The song is about 5 girls who start a fictional? Riot Girrrl Band... I don't know if they're Riot Girrrl, but they're Riot Girrrl in my head.

Their motivations:  "there's no tic, its all tac"

Chelsea - broke her cousins out of CCD / attended secondary modern and got fed up with boys - lyricist of the band.
Vicky -  underlines phrases and circling love... sees the band blowing up in Laurel Tree Pub / made the band practice in the attic above
Eileen - plays guitar...  but wants to play it in Reno
Ally - Her hearts not in it and is the first to go
Morreene - She's the second to quit - she left with Ally...

Too many "tigers" brought the band to a halt and they faded.  They never played a proper show out of Glasgow Queen.  

Vicky tried to take it solo tho'.  Who wants to make this video with me?

Stand Out Tracks: