Young Adult / by Rollie Agado

When this movie was in theaters, last year I couldn’t convince anyone in San Antonio to see it with me…   The film didn’t get a lot of push and I later learned that was sorta intentional.  There was some hope that the film would get some grassroots buzz and then ride a wave of support into award season.

It got totally looked over and I hope it finds some legs now that its out on DVD.

The film was directed by the guy who did “Up in the Air” and the film was penned by Diablo Cody (Juno)…  

The film centers around a drunk, bitter and emotional vacant girl (Charlize Theron) who has a lot going for her on the outside.  She gets a blanket email one day that informs her that her an old flame is now a father to a beautiful girl.

She decides to go back to the town of Mercury, Minnesota to get her former flame back - his marriage and child be damned.

The film sorta then hangs in the air of that terrible plot and does so by sorta celebrating getting very wasted.   I mean, one could argue that there are a lot of bad decisions that come out of drinking in the movie - but some of the worst actions, thoughts, comments and intentions are actually voiced when sober.

I saw a little of my former drunken self in the movie…  my married friends must hate me inside.

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