What I have also can't be taught : Part 2 Election Night - The Newsroom / by Rollie Agado

Where does one start? 

  1. No one resigned… 
  2. The Newsroom passed on breaking the General Petraeus story before everyone. This newsroom has connections in spades… Don was able to get this story after speaking to a guy he knows through sharing a shower in a local tennis club.
  3. Will and Mac are getting MARRIED
  4. Don and Sloan are going to have hot-post-election night sex
  5. Jim and Maggie still suck 

I think that pretty much covers it… the season finale wasn’t a high-water mark.  Season 2 was the Genoa story arch and if they could have gotten away with making 6 episodes…  this would have been an amazing season.

I recently read this week that they’ve renewed the show for 3rd season, so I look forward to seeing what will break this news team apart.  

The biggest take away is the union of Mac and Will…   It’s a dizzying new height for a couple that seems to find new lows every week.  I’m torn up about their announcement.

Should make for an interesting Season 3…