Vassar Jokes & "Unintended Consequences" Episode 4 / by Rollie Agado

I need to get into the habit of dropping this quote “These things aren’t supposed to happen to me. I went to Detroit Mercy”.

The screen grab above led to a terrible “Vassar Versa” joke…  that had a “Vasser Versa” punch line.  

It was a rough episode…   but it did have a few things of interest.

1.) We finally learned what happened to Maggie. I’m surprised they knocked it out all in one episode tho’.  Ya know… it could be that I dislike her character and I’m a little weirded out by her eyebrows, but I just watched the episode and I already forgot why they went to Uganda.  The small story arch however was pretty touching.  I have to agree with the Uganda orphanage teacher, blondes are trouble.

2.) Jim is being pulled off the Romney Bus Tour, so I guess we’re going to be subjected to him falling for Maggie again.  He managed to pick up a mercy fuck from Hallie before going back to New York tho’.

3.) The Red Team - I need to reach out to some of my old Newspaper friends tomorrow to ask if we ever had a “red team”.  Mind you… I worked at a small newspaper and we never really worked on any stories where we had to isolate a story before proofing.  It was however a term that i had never heard of.

I’ve seen a number of other movies that specifically cover investigative journalism and I don’t ever recall there being a red team.

I’m sure its just something I don’t know about.  I’m hoping to discover however after reading some re-caps online that Red Teams are a Sorkin creation.

Lastly… no song drop? What gives?