Vanishing of the Bees / by Rollie Agado

I don’t know very much about the animal kingdom, but I have a very respectful fear of it.  If time permits, I can pretty much sit down and watch any program/documentary or extended feature on any animal or insect.

When I ran across the documentary, Vanishing of the Bees - I got pretty excited about watching something I hoped would explain to me what’s really going on with bees.

The film is narrated by Ellen Page (Juno) and it reportedly got a few film festival “selections”.

All in all, it was an informative viewing…  I learned a lot on a subject that I knew very little about going in so it was good in that aspect.  It didn’t however have a very good production budget… think PBS with a very stale Ellen Page reading copy from a booth.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t watch this documentary.  I’m just saying that if this documentary had the production chops of say “An Inconvenient Truth” - I think that this documentary would get a lot more buzz.  (no pun intended)

If watching a documentary on Bees isn’t you’re thing but you kinda want to know whats up…  let me quickly fill you in.

1.) There is still no answer as to why there is Colony Collapse Disorder.  The disappearance of the bees - is very strange and there’s a number of theories but nothing checks out.  They think it could be diseases… they think it could be shitty diets the bees are weened on…  they think that pesticides can have an affect on them.  

2.) Bees are big business.  By that I mean, there’s people out there that artificially get queen bees pregnant and there are bee keepers that kill old queens and reintroduce new ones but it’s not natural.  

3.) There’s no argument that Bee’s are important for humans.  Without them, we are pretty much fucked.  They do tireless, thankless and impossible work for anything else on earth to also get done.

Lastly.) Cell phones have nothing to do with the vanishing of bees.

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