UPDATE: The Ballad of Jordan & Frank : Rivals 2 / by Rollie Agado

UPDATE: Missed 25 points : TJ dropped a “Killed It” on Team Frank and Bananas!

Got my Challenge fix last night and I must say that I absolutely love my decision to draft Frank with the first pick of my Fantasy Reality Draft.


I may be in the minority, but I was excited to see Jordan (and Marlon) return from the Jungle.  The likelyhood of Frank and Jordan throwing blows is totally in play.

As is the possibility of Frank saying something about Jordan’s deformed hand.  We currently don’t reward points for saying indefensible things - but I think I need to talk to my sister about adding this to our scoring system.

Team Ro Ro: 75 points 100 points
Team Joker: 45 points

I’ve slowly cut into my sister’s lead and now only trail her by a total of 35 points.

Team Joker: 780
Team Ro Ro: 745 770

Top 5ish ballerz of the Week (there are 6 on account of a missed 25 point score)

45 Points - Frank
10 Points - Winning a Challenge (dog collar shock)
10 points - 2 verbal fights 2 with Jordan
25 points - 25 points for hearing Teej say he “Killed it”!

Re-Watched the episode and missed 25 points for Frank. He’s a BEAST on this show.  Totally worth the first pick of the draft!

40 points - Aneesa

25 points - Under the covers hook up with Ty
5 points - verbal with Diem
10 points - Winning a Challenge

Statistically speaking… there’s lots of points to be rewarded when the producers put out footage near the end of the show between large commercial blocks.  A few weeks ago, CT picked up points for intentional nudity when he dropped his shorts and jumped into the pool dick first.  Aneesa and Ty had their hook up televised on what I would consider a sleeper week.

25 points - Ty
25 points-  under the cover hook up with Aneesa
Ty was a total bust this season…  60 total points thru 7 weeks.  If we deduct 25 points for sex and 25 points for having TJ say “he killed it” in week 4.  He’s left with 10 points for winning an elimination challenge in week 5.  10 total points y’all.  Avoid him in future Fantasy Drafts - if possible.

25 Points - Johnny Bananas
25 points - “killing it” from Teej

20 Points - Jordan
10 points - Jordan for 2 verbal fights w/Frank
10 points - Jordan for winning elimination challenge…

10 points - Diem
10 - points for winning Challenge game

One of my favorite things to do with Co-Workers after every episode of the Challenge is to discuss Diem’s dance.  I need to find a gif for this blog post….