Until the Light Takes Us / by Rollie Agado

A few years ago I picked up a book called “Lords of Chaos: the Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground”…   an outline of sorts that starts with the origins of “Heavy Metal” progressing up to Norwegian Black metal scene.

If you’re not familiar with the subject and you’d rather not delve to deeply into this word - I recommend checking out the movie : METAL : A Headbanger’s Journey

They touch on this subject really nicely…

The book Lords of Chaos has come under a lot of scrutiny since its release… and until now I never thought I would get to take in a first hand take of the Norwegian Black Metal scene.

Until the Light Takes Us - sorta does this….   The documentary gets first hand interviews with key individuals who took part in both (suspected) Church burnings and Murder.

The only problem however is that the documentary is really hard to get through… I found a number of the key interview subjects to be pretty boring.  The documentary sorta loops around 2 specific things - Murders of various people and the burning of Churches where everyone on film seemed to deny taking part in it but are delighted to see that they burned down.

Maybe I missed something in the telling of what happened thru the eyes of the Norwegian Black Metalists…  but I guess there isn’t just much to get.