Tower Heist / by Rollie Agado

Funny thing happened when I got around to watching 43 movies in 43 days…  I found myself not wanting to watch a movie of any kind for an undetermined amount of time.

I caught little bits and pieces of movies in the past couple of days… but I didn’t really sit from beginning to end for a while until last night.

Got around to watching the Tower Heist, because of the following reasons :

1.) It has Eddie Murphy
2.) It’s a heist movie
3.) It was panned by everyone I know and nothing delights me more than seeing movies that are regarded as  ”bad”.

After watching it…  I can pretty much confirm that its pretty bad.  Terrible actually.  The film is about a Bernie Madoff (sp?) kinda guy that loses everyone’s money and he’s about to walk on his charges because he knows a bunch of Judges.  This however placates the life savings of everyone he managed in the building he lives in - so the characters in the movie decide to break into his apartment to find a hidden safe.

The film takes a little turn in the middle of the movie… and it sorta comes off as a very simple Oceans Eleven.   Except terrible…

Movie 44/365