Too Tough To Die: A Tribute to Johnny Ramone / by Rollie Agado

Nothing quite grabs my attention, when I see a new book or documentary about the Ramones comes around.

Just this week, a new book (Commando) about Johnny Ramone and I’ve been thinking about picking it up.   The problem however is that I don’t really ever learn anything new about the Ramones when these books or documentaries come out.

While looking thru my Netflix instant queue I decided to finally watch the documentary called “Too Tough To Die: A tribute to Johnny Ramone”

The movie isn’t so much a tribute to Johnny Ramone but a close look at the concert that was performed at the Ramones 30th anniversary show, 4 days before Johnny Ramone passed away.

Performances by : 

Red Chili Peppers
The Dickes
Henry Rollins
Eddie Vedder
Pete Yorn
Joan Jett if you stick all the way thru the credits 

 and several others…

The strangest part of the documentary had to be the funeral.  For some reason Nicholas Cage gave a eulogy and as one would suspect he made an ass of himself… 

As for the documentary, I would give it 2 out of 5 stars…  The best Ramones documentary to date is “End of the Century”

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