7" of Love: The Tigermilks - Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying / by Rollie Agado


So hands down, the best thing about today’s Comic Con was discovering an indie comic book artist who hails from San Antonio by the name of Mitch Clem.

He and his better half were sharing a booth where he was selling a book and two 7” records, one of which was also a 40 page Comic Book that I hope to pick up next week.

The 7” that I did happen to pick up was a 4 song 7” under the moniker of the Tigermilks.  Mitch not only did the artwork but also did the vocals on the Belle n Sebastian tribute album.  


The 7” is an incredible listen and highly recommend it to those who like early Jawbreaker. You can order a copy (baby blue vinyl) here.

Be sure to check out his work…

The Tigermilks - Get Me Away from Here, I’m Dying by silversprocket

The Original - Belle & Sebastian version for the non-indoctrinated.  

06 Get Me Away from Here, I m Dying by jjgoods