Thru 3 Weeks: Fantasy Reality League / by Rollie Agado


Before I get to the top performers of the week…  I want to give a shout out to Marlon.  He broke new ground in the Fantasy Reality League by not only having 2 confirmed hook-ups in a single episode.  He also hooked up with both genders in a single episode.

I had openly expected Frank to cross this finish line first…  I guess we’ll have to wait and see if he can best this promiscuous  accomplishment.

Team: Joker scored 225 points in week 3
Team: Ro Ro scored 150 points in week 3

TOP 5 Performers of the WEEK.

1.) 105 points - Sarah
Sarah tied Anastasia’s season high 105 point performance by total accident.   She picked up 100 points for getting kicked off the show because her teammate quit.  Sarah also posted 5 points for crying about it…


2.) 105 points - Trish “the dish”

Trash’ell picked up 105 points the hard way…  She picked up 30 points for Verbally and Physically fighting Aneesa.  She also picked up 10 points for being visibly drunk (commissioner discretion) during that exchange. 30 points for threatening to leave the show and following thru… and then picking up an additional 35 points for getting TJ to voice his “quitter” displeasure.

I really don’t know what to make of Trash’ell’s performance last night.  I still can’t get over the fact that she tossed her luggage down hill and drove away in what appeared to be someone’s Honda Civic in Thailand.   How the fuck does that exactly work?

I know precious fuck all about Thailand, but I’m going to presume that its not an easy country to drive in.  I wouldn’t expect the airport to be near the Challenge village…  for all we know, we may have seen some Grand Theft Auto.

3.) 60 points -  Marlon
Marlon started out strong by having confirmed rumors of a blowie under a bridge at the start of episode two.  25 points.

Marlon then got into a verbal spat with Knight… they got split up before he could pick up any physical confrontation points.  5 points.

Marlon capped the episode by kissing and sexing up Nany for a combined 30 points.

All around solid performance in last nights episode.  He and his teammate almost one their athletic challenge also.

4.) 35 points - Johnny & Frank
Yawnful 35 points…  25 points for getting TJ to say they “killed it”.  They also picked up 10 points for winning a challenge.  (new rule, we added last week) 

5.) 30 points
 - Nany
Nany picks up a yawnful 30 points for kissing and coitus with Marlon.  Big ups to her for not bothering to hide their foreplay under the covers.

Honorable Mentions 
-10 points : ZACK.  He had Knights shirt on at the Elimination… showcasing his support.

25 points : Derek - for receiving a blowie