Thoughts on the First Season of : Game Of Thrones / by Rollie Agado

Called in sick to work yesterday, stayed home and watched 10 episodes of GAME OF THRONES.
Here are some of the observations I have about season 1. 

Untimely Deaths
If you’re not at all familiar with the show Game of Thrones you should get used to characters meeting an early demise - here’s a short list of characters that I wished lived a little longer than season 1.

Fat King (Richard?) - this character, as flawed as he was - reminded me a bit of John Bonham of Led Zeppelin. Larger than life - with incredible stories to tell, he like Bonham died in a way that was unfitting for such a bad ass. Fat King was done in by a wild bore while drunk. Bonham reportedly had 40 shots of vodka and choked on the smell of his own vomit…

While his death was necessary for the advancement of the plot - death by bore was so unfitting.

Same I think goes for Drogo. He was in the running for my “favorite breathing character”… I don’t know what’s not to love about this guy. He rocked the guy-liner better than anyone in recent memory, looked a lot like Rosario Dawson (with whom he should have babies with so that we can have more people that look just like them) and had cool story backdrop for his pony tail. I also liked that he referred to his unborn son as “the stallion that will mount the word”. That’s so prison rapey awesome - it hurts.

Lastly, the Death of Ned Lancaster hurt… his end was a little more fitting in regards to the false plea of treason and advancement of the plot - 1 episode before the season finale.


Favorite Breathing Character
- The Imp.  

I just had a 45 minute discussion with a co-worker on how I see him becoming the dwarf king in season 2. His upside is ridiculous and if I can figure out a Game Of Thrones - fantasy scoring guide - he may be a top #1 pick over all. I see father Lancaster learning about the inbred king in season 2, which will result in the father killing the former Queen and justifying the Dwarf King’s Hand to rule it all by forcing his way into the throne. He’s one of three characters that I see living all the way through season 2.

Character whom I hate the most - Littlefinger 

As turn coats go… he has to be the most self opportunistic prick since Lando Calrissian. Prior to Ned Stark getting his head lobbed off, I actually saw him turning coats again to free him… but he let me down. I have him pegged as one of 5 characters I don’t see getting past 5 episodes alive in season 2. 


Most intriguing character - “the Spider”

I totally don’t get this turn coat, gossipy, castrated - poor mans fester. I’m torn between liking and disliking him more than any character in the show. My guess is that he and Littlefinger will try to kill each other off in season 2. 


Characters I’m rooting for
- Snow (and his white hound of hell) & last living Tangaryn (sp?) (with her 3 dragon babies). I see the two as the strongest characters in the show who should clearly lay claim to the crown but won’t because of some ass-backwardness. Snow has his oath to the Knightwatch… Dragonlady - didn’t seem to have an open interest in being Queen Bitch - but she may want to mother a second Omen child and I see her doing it with the Most Interesting Translator on earth. I see both of these characters moving the plot needle the most in the coming season.


Season 2 Dead Pool - My top 5 characters I see getting rubbed out and rubbed out quickly in Season 2.

#1 - Son of Stark - King of the North and future hubby to the least ugly daughter of Lord Fred Phelps and his Latter Day Saints. Can death cast a bigger shadow on someone?

#2 King Jofferey - Prick of pricks… He has so many people openly wanting to kill him that I can’t get a read on how his demise will occur. Weepy Stark (his Red Headed Princess to be) would redeem herself if she did swiftly.

#3 Night Watchmen’s - Fat Sam. Oaths aside… he’s the only thing keeping my boy Snow from heading South and putting Lannisters heads on pikes.

#4 - Jaime Lannister - he should be higher on the list seeing how he’s being held captive… his death won’t happen until his incestuous past is known. 

#5 - Littlefinger - I don’t see how he will be of any use in the plot progression. He was an important piece in the fall of Ned Stark. He’d be higher on my list but he’s smarter than the 4 others on the list.