12 Inches of Love : The Replacements - Kiss Me on the Bus / by Rollie Agado


I was watching some T.V. late last night and there was a program where two characters were describing their first ever kiss. 

My first kiss happened at a Peter Piper Pizza and the girls name was Valerie Rodriguez.  I not only remember every single detail of that very moment but I can close my eyes and picture my eyes slightly opening wide to see Valerie’s face when we kissed.

Which brings me to the song - Kiss Me On the Bus…     I was once asked by a co-worker what song reminded me of my first kiss.   I had never been asked that question before and I had never really thought about it.  But after 4 or 5 seconds I replied - The Replacements : Kiss Me on the Bus!

To which she just blankly stared back at me and said.  ”I’ve never heard of them.”

I looked back at her and asked…  ”what song reminds you of your first kiss?”

To which she responded…  ”Rush, Rush  - by Paula Abdul”.

My heart sank and I’ve made it a point to avoid water coolers at work ever since.

^ if you listen closely, there’s a small record skip at the end of my recording…

The Matts - kiss me on the bus by september29th