The weekend that was & wasn't... / by Rollie Agado


The weekend of August 27th was supposed to go a lot differently…   I was supposed to board a flight - bound for the city of Chicago - so that I could catch my all time favorite band ( Braid ) perform at the Metro.

I made arrangements with a friend in Chicago to score tickets earlier this year but things fell thru as we got closer to the scheduled performance…

Which wasn’t exactly a bad thing because the day I would have flown up to Chicago, I received word that my mom was rushed over to a hospital because of sharp stomach pains.

She left the emergency room late that evening (August 26th) and since then we’ve been in close contact so that we can make arrangements to see each other.

I spent the weekend of August 27th in San Antonio and it turned out to be one of the best weekends I’ve had at home in a very long time….