The Warrior's Way / by Rollie Agado

There’s a couple of things that I didn’t take into account before I thought it would be a good idea to watch a movie every day in 2012…

1.) I didn’t take into account that I may actually run out of movies I’ve been wanting to watch after 2 weeks.

2.) That I would have to consider watching movies relating to genres that I particularly care for.  

Said genre’s are(and in no particular order) Westerns, Neu Horror, Ninjas, Musicals and Jason Statham movies.

I’ll occasionally watch a movie that falls under one of the above genre’s but I have to be hard up for something to watch.

The Warrior’s Way got recommended to me by a co-worker who insisted that I check it out.  I recommend shows and movies for him to watch all the time so i felt like I owed him one.

I’m just about to enter the 3rd act of the Warrior’s Way and I must say that this movie has been pleasant surprise.  I mostly agreed to watch it because it stars Geoffrey Rush (Shine, Quills, Kings Speech) who plays a drunken Carnival rodie who swore to never lift a sniping rifle when his wife passed away.

The film centers around a mysterious guy with a Samurai  sword and a little baby he sorta stole or to protect it from a shitty death - doing so put him in some hot water with a guy who has a Samurai haircut.

The visual style of the movie is what makes it so interesting.  It sorta takes place in the old west, but its shot on a sound stage and there’s lots of slick CGI work with the backdrop so the film sorta feels like a play.

Recommend watching this if you’re really tired.

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