The snore that was: Week 6 of the Challenge/Rivals 2 / by Rollie Agado


Can we all pretend that this episode didn’t just happen?  This weeks show did very little in terms of progressing compelling story lines in the challenge house and it showcased a yawnful challenge & elimination event.

I’m so distraught by how bad this episode was… that I’m going to produce a post tomorrow that highlights participants performances thru the first half of the season.

Week 6 Scores

Team Ro Ro: 50
Team Joker: 15

Top 5 Ballerz of the Week

15 Points - Jemmye
10 points for winning elimination challenge
5 points for having a one sided verbal argument with Jonna.

It pains me to see that Jemmye pulled the highest amount of points… and it also pains me to see that the two girls with the worst name spellings on the show, didn’t have a verbal spat about whose fucking name makes less sense.

10 Points - Jordan
5 points for verbal argument with Theresa
5 points for kissing Jonna at the end of the episode

10 Points - Emily & Paula 
10 points for winning (another) challenge…  they’ve yet to lose one on the girls side.

10 Points - Leroy & Ty
10 points for winning a challenge

5 Points - Johnny/Marlon/Theresa/Jonna
5 points verbal Johnny w/Marlon
5 points verbal Marlon w/Johnny
5 points verbal Theresa w/Jordan
5 points kissing Jonna w/Jordan

4 way tie for 5 point outing…  disappointing effort boys n girls.