The Perks of Being a Wildflower / by Rollie Agado


Finally got around to watching “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” last night and want to recommend it to anyone who was Freshman in High School in the early 90’s.

I haven’t fully processed the movie after one viewing and wished I had time to watch it a second time to confirm my feelings of liking or disliking the movie.

One thing I’m not on the fence about is actually reading the book its based on.

The film centers on a Kid whose about to start High School where his siblings attend(ed), while also having a few hangups about some heavy things that just occurred to him recently.

I’m not purposely trying to be vague here…  the film has a few sub-plots that aren’t fleshed out very well on film, but I’m guessing are addressed a little better in print.

I found myself easily getting swept up in the first half of the movie as the central character finds himself trying to fit in among a group of peers he doesn’t quite exactly meld very well with.

It reminded me a lot of my early high school friendships and the discovery one makes their freshmen year of anything.

It’s almost applicable again my freshmen year of college and my first 2 or so years figuring out life after not attending school full time.

As luck would have it… I don’t know anyone whose seen it so I hope to hear from someone (anyone) who has to discuss some of the finer moments of the film.

Till then, I leave you with a track that is discussed heavily in the film and a very deep cut off the Louder than Bombs album.