The Only 2 Way Mirror - Public Bathroom - in America / by Rollie Agado

Finally arrived in Memphis…  made it a point to save the best story for the end of the night.

Stopped by a small town in Texas by the name of Sulphur Springs.   While there I discovered that there was a public restroom that is unlike any other public restroom in the United States of America.

The restroom is a 2-way-mirror instillation that allows you to look outward, but you don’t have to worry about anyone looking inside.

Naturally, I went out of my way to endanger my bladder and let out a majestic leak - while citizens of Sulphur Springs went about their afternoons.

One of the downsides of urinating while standing up (in the glass booth that is) - is having to settle for a limited view.  The glass room technically has 3 view points with one of the windows blocked out for plumbing and air conditioning.

If you happen to sit on the toilet - you get to have this majestic view…

Road tripping across the state of Texas has its perks.