The Newsroom outed my 2013 Fuck Tape & reactions to Episode 6: One Step Too Many / by Rollie Agado


My thoughts on tonights episode are a little more scattered than usual… so I want to apologize in advance for the scatter shot reactions from tonights episode.

What didn’t sit well with me: Jerry cooked the General’s interview and everything from this point forward is going to suck for all members of the Newsroom.  We knew shit hit the fan since the depositions took root in episode one… but I didn’t think we would see Jerry cook an interview.  He’s been consistently portrayed as a reporter with a strong ethical slant… I figured he would take the fall for trusting a source who aligned with his passionate stance on what he thinks took place at Genoa.  

We’ve now see Jerry sell out on all that shit to proceed with a story they’re slowly on the verge of breaking. 

We still have a few episodes to see how this shakes out but I can’t help shake the feeling that this felt a little forced.  Something I felt this season of the Newsroom hasn’t done.

My Fuck Tape got outed: In episode six, Jim drops some serious coin to shack up with his Romney Bus reporter in a hotel that I’ve already forgotten the name to.  Prior to going upstairs to take care of business…  he notices that Maggie is belly-up to the bar slamming Gin and Tonics.  He naturally drags the girl he hasn’t seen in weeks (who’s wearing cocktail attire by the way) to see hows she’s doing.

Jim manages to not really make Maggie jealous and he didn’t get Hallie (cocktail dress girrrl) upset enough to put the breaks on sexy time. 

Hotel doors open… candles are lit and then the open notes of Rhye’s - OPEN - can be heard through my TV SPEAKERS.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" I say, possibly screaming at no one but my TV in the dark.

Damn you soundtrack dude on the Newsroom.  Rhye’s album Woman has not only been one of my best kept secrets of 2013…  I was hoping to keep it quiet well after 2013 as an unfamiliar artist to sex up company during night caps.

Things I don’t hope to hear from ladies I date…  ”I’ve heard this song… wasn’t it on an episode of the Newsroom?”