The Hunger Games / by Rollie Agado

Made it out to the Hunger Games over the weekend…  judging by the box office numbers I saw this evening, this isn’t all that big of deal.  There’s a good chance that you too saw it over the weekend.

I wasn’t familiar with the book (series) prior to all the hoopla leading up to its release… but I found myself growing more and more annoyed by all the hype.

But I digress… the film was surprisingly good.  It had an incredible pace and it seemed to set up the many characters in the film nicely.

I had a hard time making out names of characters and regions tho’.  There was a good part of the movie where I thought the heroine’s name was “catpiss”

Outside of that… the movie appears to be setting up nicely for it’s sequels.  I don’t have any other observations other than Lenny Kravitz appears to have not needed any help from wardrobe - for this movie.

It’s as if he arrived on the set and he was already dressed for the future.

Shame Prince didn’t make an appearance.  His attire would have fit right in.

Movie 47/365