The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo / by Rollie Agado

A couple of weeks ago I watched The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, when it occurred to me that I never got around to adding it to my list of movies I’ve seen in 2012.   Actually, I have a short list of movies I need to add to this thing so I’ve made some time to add them over the weekend.

Anyhoo…  I never read the book and the original movie has been in my Netflix queue possibly longer than any other movie I currently have bookmarked to check out.

When I got word that it was going to be remade for American audiences by David Fincher - I opted to just wait it out till it made it to theaters.

I couldn’t seem to find anyone to go with me so I opted to wait till it made it to DVD and made the mistake of throwing it in around 9pm.

The movie is freakishly long…  i’m not sure if the movie stays true to the book or if it’s a shot-for-shot remake of the foreign one, but its really fucking long.

A little confusing at first too…    Going into the movie I wasn’t exactly sure how all the pieces (the characters) were going to intertwine themselves.  

It does, it just kinda takes it sweet time doing so.   The film then goes on for an extra 45 minutes after the case is over to establish a relationship for what I think will be future films…  

all it all, it was ok to watch - i just wish it was 40 minutes shorter. 

Movie 48/365