The Genoa Tip / by Rollie Agado


Tomorrow morning… hundreds of newspapers, websites and blogs will be providing thorough recaps of “The Genoa Tip”.

I’m going to fixate on a 4 things that I found of interest in tonights episode.

1.) Sloan is asked why she’s asking for details about closets and she responds that Men are obsessed with Bathrooms. Will MacAvoy confirms this by professing his love for his shower.

I’m not a home owner…  but I’d be lying if I said that bathrooms have been an important part in my decision to rent out a house or apartment.  I’ve actually put off moving into a bigger apartment in the complex I currently live in because it would require me to give up the garden tub that comes standard in all 1 bedroom apartments, where I currently reside.

There are specific hotels I prefer to stay at because of their bathroom layout…  so I think Sloan and MacAvoy may be onto something here.

If I ever committed to a proper home, I think I would have to put together a shortlist of things I want in a bathroom.  Atop that list… natural lighting. I’m pretty sure that my days would get off to a better start if I didn’t have to adjust my eyes every morning to unnatural light before I go to work.  

Just saying…

2.) Sloan Sabbith Creeping on Don -  I don’t know why my stomach turns every time I think of the Newsroom love triangle of: Don / Maggie / Jim… but it’s a relationship subplot that I think all viewers can’t get behind.

Jim may be getting some mercy-strange in the coming weeks from the GOP Gal that’s been noticing the discomfort on this face and I’m genuinely happy for him.

Sloan has been casting a line out to Don now for two consecutive weeks and I’m genuinely happy that the two of these might fuck-themselves silly throughout the rest of this season.

Maggie is on her way to traveling to a part of Africa that I’ve already forgotten the name to and while I don’t really wish her any ill-will.  I’m out of fucks to give for Maggie.

3.) MacKenzie / MacAvoy relationship has taken an interesting turn this season…  They’re not hooking up and MacKenzie walked into a bar and dumped a drink down his chest and pants at the bar.  This by the way is on the heels of him bailing out Neal from jail for participating in an Occupy Wall Street demonstration.  

I can’t remember the last time MacAvoy got his dick wet (pun intended) but this kinda accepted behavior from the ex-girlfriend cannot be tolerated.

Dude… you’re in danger of losing your Players Club Card.  I don’t know why you’re not deep dicking Sloan and I don’t know why you haven’t DTR’d things with MacKenzie again, but something has to give right?

A week ago, she came into the bar, forgot her purse and asked Will to spot her some cash for the Cab.  She then took few hundred extra for unexplained Ex Girlfriend expenses.  

She also didn’t get the Who reference last week and she’s a Red Coat.  She must be amazing in bed.

4.) Always on My Mind - With all due respect to both Willie Nelson and Will MacAvoy…  my favorite cover of Always On My Mind is from the Pet Shop Boys.